Accounting Services

We offer Accounting, Tax e-filng for Individuals,

Partnerships, S corporations,  and C corporations.

WE offer full Payroll Services with direct deposit, Debit Card, or checks, with some Human Resource Services for on boaarding and many other HR services.

We are a QuickBooks Pro Advisor Accounting Firm.

SC & F is an Online QuickBooks Pro Advisor for Accounting & Bookkeeping essentials for Small & Medium Businesses.

We also provide a

Simple Accounting System for startups and Small Businesses

you can master quickly using

Excel Spreadsheets prepared just for your business.

SC & F as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor firm, we offer online QuickBooks Accounting Software packages at reasonable prices, or we can be added to yur existing QB as yur accountant. Many monthly or current reports are available with QuickBooks. Payroll services are also availaable through Quick Books or separate from QuickBooks using Onpay with full payroll tax support. We include business income tax filing for the business and one personal income tax filiing for one owner of the business. Additional owners added at a reasonable price of only $175.

We also offer Excel Spreadsheet accounting services set up just for your business for some firms that are in the under $500,000 per year gross income. These Excel accounting packages can also include, payroll services with payroll tax filling and payments, business tax preperation services, and include tax form preperation and filing for one owner. Pricing starts at $65 per month for Onpay Payroll services and accounting services includng income tax form preparation and e-fiiing. This is based on the our standard involvement. Additional owners income tax services added at a reasonae price of only $175.

All of our accounting and payroll packages come with a monthly fixed rate so you know what you will pay each month. Our accounting review work can be limited when catching up so as not to over burden you financially. E-filing income tax forms is included for both the all forms of businesses and personal tax filiings.  Payroll Services, with payroll taxes being paid from your bank account if desired is available from QuickBooks or Separate.

For our Excel clients or just Payroll Service clients, we provide that service directly or through an on line service. It eliminates any need to worry about filing and paying payroll taxes. We e-file W2s, 1099s, 941's, or 944's, and 940's, and business income tax preparation with e-filing, and personal income tax preparation with e-filing. We or you pay your payroll taxes directly to the IRS from your bank account using EFTPS.

We provide W2, 1099, 941, 940, or 944 e-filing with mailed hard copies to recipients for anyone who does not use our QuickBooks or Excel accounting services. We can also pay your taxes owed using EFTPS for you.

Our set of Excel spreadsheets are designed to be used by those with little or no accounting experience during their first few years of being in business so long as their business is not generating more than $500,000. We work with you on these spreadsheets which are included in our bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation and filing packages. We will work with you to convert your accounting to QuickBooks at the proper time, usually at year's end.

QuickBooks accounting software is straight forward and well worth the effort needed to use and understand it. However, we have low cost individuals that can do the day to day bookkeeping or do a cleanup/review of your QuickBooks for you. We always give you a quote before any work is started. Online QuickBooks provides the features of standard accounting software needed by most business using a straight forward, name of account, approach. We have found it to be of good value to our clients and highly recommend it.

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In this busy world, when so much is done by the internet, why not use a company that can provide your financial services using the internet and phone.  Unlike brick and mortar stores, we will work with you using the internet to give you the personal service you deserve, but with the time saving advantage the internet offers.   

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Sonoran will file your Payroll 941, 944, 940, W2, all 1099s, tax reports, and we will pay your taxes at EFTPS.

We can print and Priority Mail your Payroll & Contractor Checks,

or let you print the Payroll Checks and Contractor checks if desired.

Payroll programs are offered both as a Stand Alone Program

or they can be combined with one of our Accounting Packages.

SC & F Payroll program is online. It can be used as a standalone package for your business or with our QuickBooks accounting packages, and with some other Accounting Software programs, or our Excel spreadsheet services.  The Payroll Program starts at $34.00 a month plus $4 each additional employee. There is no limit.


Our Payroll Program e-files all payroll tax forms, pays all payroll taxes to the IRS and your State withholding and other taxes such as FUTA and SUTA on time using your checking account. ACH withdrawals are taken from your designaated  account to our Trust Account, and then forwarded on to the proper taxing authority. Funds must be available for those services.


W2's and all 1099 forms are e-filed to the IRS and are available for download and printing for distribution by you at the end of the year. This service can be separate from the payroll services wiht a charge for each form prepared and mailed. All 1099 forms are available.


The Payroll Program also includes many HR features so you can track your employees from the day they are hired with the required federal forms (I-9) and track their performance as they stay with your company. All features are included at no additional costs as the cost per month fee is based on the number of employees you have on payroll.


The Human Resource portion of the program offers the following reports: Manger Allocation, Time Clock Setting, kManagement List, Expense Management Approval List, Leave Management, Training Managemeknt, Timesheet Management, Employee Hours Approval, and Asset Tracking, as well as providing for other withheld items such as insurances, 401k, and ohter items that are necessary to be deducted. 


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